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Sammy Adams is a West London-based photographer and mother of two, WHOSE LIFELONG LOVE OF PHOTOGRAPHY HAS LED HER TO THIS POINT…


Sammy has always had a deep love of the visual, coupled with a spectacular zest for life, and the combination of these two elements led her to develop her photographic skills from an early age.

Her passion really took hold after the birth of her two daughters, whom she documented avidly in photos throughout their lives to date.

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“i love photography, whether it’s the immediacy of digital or the patience of film”



my interest in photography began when I was 14 years old. I would spend hours in the darkroom with my step-father who was then an amateur theatre photographer and is still taking photos IN THE SAME FIELD to this day aged 81. i loved spending time with him, watching the images come alive througH the development process. AFTER SCHOOL, I worked in the music industry until i HAD MY CHILDREN, taking time out to raise them until they were a bit more independent. i’ve been able to devote more and more time to photography over the years as my children have grown up. IT’s taken a lot of patience, YEARS OF DEVELOPMENT, practice, TRIAL AND ERROR to get where I am now. I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY. WHETHER IT’S THE IMMEDIACY OF DIGITAL OR THE PATIENCE OF FILM. BOTH WORK FOR ME. IT’S SOMETHING I CAN SHARE WITH MY DAUGHTERS WHO ALSO LOVE THE MEDIUM. I’VE ALWAYS BEEN NOSEY AND PHOTOGRAPHY HAS GIVEN ME LICENSE TO STARE. THANK YOU FOR TAKING TIME TO VISIT MY SITE and do leave a message - all feedback is very welcome.